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Vulcanized fibre

Vulcanized fibre is made by combining layers of chemically gelled paper of pure cotton celuloise.

The chemical compound (ZnCI ) used in gelling the paper is subsequently removed by leaching, and the résulting product, after being dried and finished by calendaring, is a dense material and a chemically pure product. lt is made in four primary forms: sheets, rolls, coils and tubes.

Strong and light industrial material, and has high impact resistance. Good dielectric strength and high are resistance.

Can be formed, punched and machined.


Material properties


1.1∼1.4 g/cm3

Specific heat

0.4 KCat/Kg°C

Coefficient of linear expansion

2.5∼2.8 mnVm 100°C

Conductividad Térmica

0.21∼0.26 KCat/mb°C

Thermal conductivity


Water absorption


Moisture content


Tensile force

MD 8∼12 kgf/mm2 CD 5∼8kgf/mm2

Compression force

17∼26 kgf/mm2

Impact force

MD 35∼45 kgf/cm/cm CD 25∼35 kgf/cm/cm


R80∼110 Rockwell

Electrical Constant (IKHz)

4∼7 sec


D - Inside Diameter

Min. 70mm - max. 450mm

D - Outside diameter

Max. 850mm

W Extra Reduced Belt Width

4.2∼13 mm

W Belt width Standard width


T • Thickness

From 0.25mm hasta 2mm included

Plate (length 1000 x 1000 mm.) - Thickness

From 0.30mm hasta 3mm included